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Our site is a 544 sq. ft. historic early 19th century house formerly inhabited by the first generation of descendants of formerly enslaved African American Revolutionary War veteran Caesar Robbins, and by fugitive slave Jack Garrison.
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The stories of the occupants of The Robbins House reveal the ways in which this first generation of free Concord African Americans pursued independence and contributed to the antislavery movement
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We created a map of African American and antislavery history in Concord, MA.

Download the map and take a walking tour of the African American and Antislavery history sites in Concord.

News and Events
People Of Concord Summer Lecture Series: From The Great Meadow To The Metropolis: Concord’s African-Americans In Antebellum Boston

People of Concord Summer Lecture Series: From the Great Meadow to the Metropolis: Concord’s African-Americans in Antebellum Boston

August 16 @7:00 pm Throughout his Journals, Thoreau occasionally mentions his encounters with Concord’s African-American families--people he once referred to as “outcasts.” But many of these outcast Concord residents were in fact deeply immersed in a wider, metropolitan world. Drawing…

People Of Concord Summer Lecture Series: “A Lady Of Much Wit And Genius”: Mary Moody Emerson In Concord

People of Concord Summer Lecture Series: “A Lady of Much Wit and Genius”: Mary Moody Emerson in Concord

July 26 @7:00 pm Born in Concord, Mary Moody Emerson (1774-1863) grew up in near by Malden, Massachusetts, but her connection to her native town remained close throughout her life. The aunt of Transcendentalist Ralph Waldo Emerson, Mary Emerson was…

People Of Concord Summer Lecture Series: “Such A Dusky Orb”: African American Presence And The Landscapes Of Concord

People of Concord Summer Lecture Series: “Such a dusky orb”: African American Presence and the Landscapes of Concord

July 19 @7:00 pm Join Robbins House Advisor Dr. Lois Brown at the Concord Museum for a talk about the African American presence on and beyond the land of Concord. Dr. Brown moves between Concord’s African American histories, Thoreau’s New…

People Of Concord Summer Lecture Series: Outcasts And Others: Hardscrabble Lives In Concord

People of Concord Summer Lecture Series: Outcasts and Others: Hardscrabble Lives in Concord

July 12 @7:00 pm In his Journals, Thoreau often wrote about Concordian George Minott, who lived with his sister Mary, a tailor, in a house atop the ridge overlooking Lexington Road. Minott was one of Thoreau’s models for a self-sufficient…

Weekly Music At The Robbins House

Weekly Music at The Robbins House

July 3 @12:30 pm Sundays through Aug 14th, 12:30-3:30 pm Grab your picnic blanket, and get ready to relax! On Sundays, starting June 26th and running until mid-August, live music will be performed at the Robbins House from 12:30-3:30 pm…

Freedom For All?

Freedom for All?

July 4 @11:00 am “What to the Slave is the Fourth of July?” Monday, July 4th, The Robbins House, 11am When our nation declared its independence from Britain, it continued to hold thousands of people in chains. This 4th of…