Children’s Activities In The House!

Our children’s table and chairs are filled with activities for children of all ages:

Signing petitions sent by Concord children to President Lincoln in 1864 to “free all slave children” together with Lincoln’s response – old fashioned pens and ink are supplied so visitors can sign and take their own copy.
Achi, an interesting West African version of tic-tac-toe – thought to be played by colonial enslaved children at the Royall House and Slave Quarters in Medford, based on artifacts found by archaeologists at their site. Pieces of broken tile and dishes in the Slave Quarters yard were unearthed that had been shaped by hand into circles and squares, likely for use as gaming pieces.
Clay marbles and instructions for playing – children in colonial America played with marbles made of clay, which have been uncovered at a wide variety of eighteenth century sites, including the Slave Quarters yard at the Royall House & Slave Quarters.
Coloring sheets of Frederick Douglass – who visited Concord at least 4 times between 1841 and 1844 – and crayons are available for our younger visitors.